Shop Washable Tailored Face Masks


Shop Washable Tailored Face Masks


Shop Washable Tailored Face Masks


Shop Washable Tailored Face Masks


Shop Washable Tailored Face Masks

"I have to be at work everyday, managing The City of Portland Emergency Coordination Center. We've normalized wearing face coverings, so I wear mine all day.

Sonia's face covering is reversible, so I can wear it all week, wash it on the weekend, and flip it around for a different look the next week. 

It fits great, and I'm still able to be heard on conference calls."

Katy Wolf

"Being a mom of 5 kids 7 y.o. and under, I didn't know quite how I felt about wearing a face mask, and especially my kids wearing masks. I mean- was it really doing anything especially if my kids wore them incorrectly due to them not being comfortable.

Sonia has made it an easy decision- as soon as I saw the craftsmanship being something that would actually help protect my family, and it wasn't just another fancy handkerchief. These masks are built incredibly well and so thought out.

They are comfortable enough that my kids CHOOSE to wear them for their everyday fashion- so it makes it an easy decision as a parent to use them for my family. The elastic bands on the kid's masks are made for comfort. My girls can even tie them into their ponytail so they never slip.

The adult ones are incredibly comfortable, and don't impede your fashion, still being able to wear your hair whatever way you choose.

Now that I have these for my family- I would not choose any other mask.

Jordanna Blair Hale Zaouch

"It feels like everyone is making masks to keep us safe. However, of the one's I've bought, Sonia's masks are by far my favorite!

The fit is secure, with a metal nose piece at the bridge that's customizable. Easy to put on and take off with elastic around the neck and head, not the ears. I love that these cup under the chin for a sealed fit.

Plus with fabulous reversible prints to choose from, what's not to love! I know I'll be easily washing and wearing mine for (sadly) months to come!"


"Sonia's masks are both functional and stylish.She took great care to perfect the design and I love the accessible pocket you can use to replace the filter.

I never leave home without it."

Kevin Balmer, Diggable Monkey

We love your masks so much!!! After seeing your YouTube mask tutorial, I was sold! I ordered masks for myself, and love the fabric, color, and especially the quality. Loved them so much I bought my mom, son, and his dad. My housemate was so impressed she bought 3.

We don't feel any air escaping from the sides, the fit is secure and comfortable, and the awesome nose bridge prevents glasses from fogging. 

Thank you so much for the fabulous masks (heart emoticon)

Erin Cahill

Hi Sonia! I might be your happiest customer. I love your masks so much! They actually make me feel like there is a way out of this horrible situation we are all in and that we will all be ok. I can't thank you enough for taking the time to make such functional, comfortable and pretty masks. They give me such a sense of well-being, so thank you very much for that.

Also, I would love it if you could please make these with the ONE LAYER of interfacing, instead of two, as well.  (Done)  And I'm getting these with the full around the head straps since I know that I already love they way fit. I hope to try out the ear loop option as well in the near future.

Thank you again so so much! - Stephanie Lopes, Night Flight Aerial & Circus Arts