Guinea Hen print: Black, white, and charcoal. - Adult size only. Has a black banded edge at top and bottom.

Guinea Hen print: Black, white, and charcoal. - Adult size only. Has a black banded edge at top and bottom.

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THIS IS OUR NEW  SLEEKER PROFILE FIT! 4 layer Reversible Face Mask

This is perfect women and for petit faces.


+ REVERSIBLE CONSTRUCTION allows you to wear your PPE mask with either side out, so you have two different looks.

+ 4 LAYER CONSTRUCTION: Two layers of cotton rich fabric ( both sides shown) PLUS 2 layers of non-woven interfacing fused in for additional filter protection.  

+STAINLESS STEEL moldable nose-bridge is sewn into the mask for a more airtight fit. (This is really important, as you want air going through the mask. Not around it)

+ Around the head elastic for flexible fit, or available with ties if you have latex sensitivities.

Fit & Sizing for Adults: This mask comes in one size, which has been created to fit a more petit face well. We have gone for the most standardized fit we can testing it on a cross section of petit women.

Please note: We really are a bespoke couture maker by trade, and do not do production runs. We are making these masks at this time because we feel this is where we can best serve by offering the best quality fabric mask we can. These masks are MADE TO ORDER. So we have no stock on hand. We offer fabric patterns till we run out of them, (will advise you if that is the case) and constantly add new patterns. So check back if you want to see new ones!

Wash & Care: It is very important you wash & dry these masks at no higher than warm settings, with no bleach, due to the manufacturer instructions on the interfacing and elastic. We recommend washing your mask in a laundry bag to help protect it, and not wash with heavy items such as sneakers, dog beds, heavy jeans etc. to try not to bend the nose-bridges as much as possible. No steam iron. Dry completely. You can mold it back into shape, but the stainless steel will eventually wear out after repeated bending.

Return Policy: Masks are non-returnable items.